Hearts Away,
Bombs Away

by Vince Gisriel, Jr.

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Hearts Away, Bombs Away takes the reader into a beautiful love story between a true World War II hero and the woman left at home.

"One of these days, everything inside of me is going to explode, and I'm going to cry until there are no more tears," Martha wrote. Martha and Vince met in 1942 in Baltimore, Maryland. Any plans of a life together were postponed because World War II was raging and Vince was called to duty soon after they met.

Before Vince left, they made a commitment to write often. "I love you with every inch of the 3,000 miles that separates us," Vince wrote after a train ride from Tennessee to California. He predicted that the war would end very soon but that did not occur. However, he soon changed his outlook when he wrote: "The American people don't realize what our soldiers are up against and what our boys are going thru."

Martha wrote: "Well, sweetie, just one year ago today Pearl Harbor was bombed. I realized then that we were at war, but not 1/1000 as much as I do tonight" and "I love you with every ounce of life in me, plus plenty."


Hearts Away, Bombs Away

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